Our Wedding

Wedding Schedule

This is a tentative schedule for the day's events.  Please expect that some details may change.

1:30 PM - Photographer arrives, begins taking pictures of Kyle and Grace
3:00 PM - Remainder of wedding party joins Kyle and Grace for more pictures
4:00 PM - Wedding party arrives at CSO for final preparation.
4:45 PM - CSO doors open for guests.
5:00 PM - Wedding ceremony begins in Grainger Ballroom.
6:00 PM - Cocktail hour begins in 9th floor clubroom.
6:30 PM - 배백 (paebaek) ceremony begins in lobby.  Cocktail hour continues.
7:00 PM - 배백 ceremony ends, cocktail hour still going.
7:30 PM - Reception begins in Grainger Ballroom.
11:00 PM - Reception ends, everyone leaves.