Our Wedding

Grace and Kyle's Story

Kyle had just taken the LSATs that day.  Grace was wrapping up a day of running and capoeira.  Neither imagined that they would be crossing paths that evening.  And little did they know that six months later, he would be learning Korean, she would be meeting Kyle's family, and the two would admit that they were inseparable.

Now, fast forward another half year, and these two extend a warm welcome to you, to join them on their special day where they promise to be best friends for the rest of their lives.

Sappy Kiss

Speaking of friends, Kyle and Grace owe a special thanks to their own childhood friends: Louise Giam of Maryland and Steve Feyer of San Francisco.  For had these two not met at a Scrabble club, and had they not co-hosted a wonderful party, Kyle and Grace may have never met that fateful night.